Small but Mighty

We make no apologies for a small team. Others would have you believe that to be great at software integration and development you must have layers of staff and overhead equal to the GDP of a small nation. We don’t think so and know that being small has its benefits.
  • Highly educated, trained and experienced staff
  • Partner-developers with a vested interest in every client’s success
  • Efficient communication that reduces time and cost
  • Personal relationships at all levels, resulting in mutual benefits

Aaron Marshall

President, Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager, Partner

Aaron is innovative and excels at building solutions from the ground up, which makes him our resident expert in technology development, as well as in software and database architecture and design. He joined Stasyx, Inc. in 2007 part-time while he was earning his degree, and stayed on full-time after he graduated from Kansas State University in 2009 with a degree in computer science. Aaron is ingrained in the Stasyx way of personalizing software solutions to our clients’ needs and goals. When he’s not solving the world’s biggest enterprise problems with better software, Aaron enjoys sport shooting, tailgating, cooking and barbequing with his friends and family – all in the same day, even better.

Corey W. Childs

Vice President, Senior Software Consultant, Partner

Corey is the epitome of our commitment to clients, being responsible for client development and relationship management. He’s often the first person our clients talk to about their software solutions. Corey performs software consultations and analysis to get a project off on the right foot and end with less downtime and business interruption. He earned computer science and computer support specialist Associates degrees from Hutchinson Community College and his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Kansas State University before joining us part time in 2012 and going full time in 2013 upon graduation. Corey is a husband, father, and a Packers fan. He likes playing golf, tennis, video games and board games.

Benjamin Goreham

Senior Computer Programmer, Employee Owner

Like a lot of people, Benjamin’s first job was in the fast food industry. On the surface serving up hot fries and designing software have nothing in common. But, think outside the burger box. What is working in a fast food restaurant if not constantly looking for efficiencies and implementing new processes to achieve the main goal: a satisfied customer who quickly and correctly received exactly what they ordered? With computer science degree in hand, Benjamin’s prior work experience has been benefitting our clients since he joined us in 2007 as our system design and implementation expert. When Benjamin’s hands aren’t on a keyboard, they’re working a game controller or turning the pages of a book.



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