AIB, a Technology and Information Center in the Food Industry, Engaged Stasyx to Bring Their Technology Up to Date Software Selection, Success Stories, System Integration

AIB International was founded in 1919 as a technology and information transfer center for bakers and food processors. Their mission is empowering the global food industry to elevate food safety and grain-based production capabilities. AIB is made up of experts in the fields of baking production, experimental baking, cereal science, nutrition labeling, food safety and hygiene. With offices and staff worldwide, they are partners in the global food chain for many companies.

Problem: An aging CRM and “dirty” data
AIB had an aging CRM that was reaching end of life. The CRM data was often “dirty” due to inconsistent data entry and lack of validation rules. 

Solution: Integrate now and prepare for later migration
Stasyx integration specialists helped extend the life of AIB’s CRM for years with custom integration into their e-commerce website and learning management system (LMS). As a part of this process, we also helped clean up the data going into their CRM, making the eventual migration to Dynamics much smoother.

Problem: Retaining data
After selecting a new CRM, AIB needed to identify a path to retain and maintain their current and historical customer data within their new software and business processes.

Solution: Use time extension wisely and start migration sooner than later
Leveraging those extra years that integration bought, AIB and Stasyx collaborated to migrate identified data from their legacy CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  At the same time, Stasyx integration specialists also created a two-way syncing mechanism to disseminate their customer data to their e-commerce site and multiple proprietary systems and back to Dynamics.

Problem: No rhyme or reason for some applications
AIB had a fractured application ecosystem filled with off the shelf and proprietary software that were isolated from the core of their new data flow and structure, centered on Dynamics. 

Solution: Talk to the right people and keep only those systems that support workflow
After conversations with key stakeholders and personnel, system reviews and data analysis, Stasyx was able to maintain and improve existing and unsupported proprietary systems.

Problem: Simplify and integrate website
AIB sought to make their website more user friendly for staff and customers.

Solution: Test and integrate applications that solve for pain points on AIB and customers’ sides
We implemented a CMS that:

  • Allowed non-technically-inclined staff to update web content
  • Simplified and consolidated web structure and navigation
  • Merged multiple websites into a common front end

We found, tested and installed Single-Sign-On (SSO) software that merged login user credentials between disparate systems (domain server, web site administration, etc.).

We discovered, tested, and installed a mobile application, Twillio to improve customer feedback and service.

Problem: Improve online course enrollment process
AIB was searching for a new learning management system (LMS) to host their online courses and provide overall course management.

Solution: SABA
Stasyx integrated AIB’s website with the SABA APIs to synchronize customer and enrollment data between the two systems.

Problem: Process online payments in international currencies
AIB desired to strengthen customer relations by accepting payments on their website in international currencies.

Solution: Elavon
Stasyx integrated AIB’s website with Elavon APIs to authorize and charge credit cards in international currencies and record the payment and exchange rate in the CRM for simplified reporting.