Enhancing Existing Applications for Studentreasures

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Studentreasures is a Topeka, Kansas-based company that provides innovative binding and publishing services for original books created by grade school students, middle school students, and future high school teachers.

Existing Software was Holding Back Company Growth
The proprietary software at Studentreasures could not handle the demands required by the company’s business model. The existing software lacked several key printing interfaces; however, it was not cost effective to switch to a completely different software application.

It also lacked an e-commerce interface. Studentreasures wanted to use a more modern accounting system for orders and invoicing.

Keep the Software and Add Applications to Affordably Bring It Up to Speed
Stasyx created several new applications that integrated seamlessly with Studentreasures’ existing software, including:

E-Commerce Website
This application allows the end-user to place orders for new books, select from various book bindings, and check out using credit card with an Authorize.Net integration.

Stasyx created custom invoicing inside the existing application that integrates with Netsuite’s API’s to push them into Netsuite. The Netsuite APIs are also used in other parts of their application to check the status of certain sales orders as well as updating sales orders when appropriate. All of which improves the entire end user’s experience.

Page Watcher
This application tracks the progress of books being printed and allows management to generate reports.

Measurable Cost Savings and Better Functionality for Everyone
Stasyx continues to help everyone at Studentreasures save money by streamlining their printing cycles, scheduling processes, and order entry/processing, while allowing them to provide exceptional service to all of their education-based clientele.

Rick Seitz at Studentreasures praises Stasyx for helping improve their business.

“Stasyx has assisted us [by] designing several custom programs that have improved our business processes. Stasyx always brings knowledge, experience and utmost professionalism to these assignments.”

— Rick Seitz, Controller, Studentreasures