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Since 1941, Sho-Me Power has provided energy to rural electric cooperatives throughout Missouri. Personnel in the field needed to be connected to everything and everyone.

Problem: Proprietary Software was Hindering Business
Sho-Me Power’s proprietary software proved to be a hindrance to their business model. The software lacked key functionality. It also failed to provide the vital portability needed for use in the field by Sho-Me service technicians.

Solution: It was Time for Show-Me Power to Go Mobile
Stasyx created a mobile application that provided enhanced functionality and reliability as well as the mobility to use the application anywhere.

Stasyx has empowered Sho-Me’s personnel with the ability to work in the field without the synchronization and functionality issues of the old software. To date, Sho-Me Power continues to provide exceptional service to its rural affiliates and clients.

Andy Meyers, a Senior Project Manager at Sho-Me Power credits Stasyx for eliminating the problem calls that plagued his company in the past.

“Stasyx did a fantastic job migrating our Line Patrol application from a proprietary third-party software package to an open VB.NET solution. In addition to migrating existing functionality, we added some very substantial improvements to the application that made it much more powerful and user friendly. Even with the increased functionality, the new application is much faster and more reliable than the old one. During the development phase, Stasyx was very accommodating in making the small, and not so small, last minute changes that we came up with. Using the old application, I would get several calls per month from users with sync problems or some other type of issue. Since we put the new Stasyx built Line Patrol application in place, there hasn’t been one problem call.”      

— Andy Meyers, Senior Project Manager, Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative